Grizzlies front office reaffirms faith in the roster

In the final minutes before the official trade deadline, Grizzlies fans could breathe again. It was safe to assume that no moves would be made that late, meaning Tony Allen would sit tight in Memphis right where he wants to be. All is good in the Bluff City. Although, I think the uneventful day meant so much more than just keeping our favorite SG. It restored a little faith in our Front Office and in the future of our team.

As a Grizzlies fan who’s seen the highs and will never forget the lows, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing deals like the one Minnesota proposed aren’t worth our money (JJ Barea and Chase Budinger for our Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince) . Like I’ve said over and over, this team has absurd potential. Just wait until we’re healthier. Things are going to get good.

Also, fans are still wishy-washy about ditching Lionel Hollins, especially after the uneasiness surrounding Hollins’ recent interview with Mearl Purvis of Fox 13. Basically any fanbase in the NBA, small market especially, goes up in arms when the cord is cut with any seemingly successful part of the team (Rudy Gay, Pau Gasol and Shane Battier to name a few). It just takes time to regain the faith in the guys in suits. It was common knowledge that they wanted relief from Prince’s $7.2 million/year contract and a facelift at the small forward position. It’s good to hear that it would take a little more to get rid of our beloved Grindfather.

We’ll never be that team out to grab the big stars despite who’s running the show or what Cali boy owns the team.

(Mike Brown/Commercial Appeal)

(Mike Brown/Commercial Appeal)

As we enter tonight’s game against the Clippers, Grizz Nation is full of good feelings. Tony is back, Marc’s re-injury scare was a false alarm, and we still scare the crap out of the rest of the NBA. No one wants to play us as we near the playoffs because we do grit n’ grind better than anyone out there.

Sure, Blake Griffin is playing his best basketball ever, but they don’t have a big guy to contest Marc Gasol. DeAndre Jordan has also been spectacular lately, but let me be frank; Marc would win that matchup any day. I’m skeptical of Nick Calathes up against Chris Paul, but we shall see. I love a good Friday night with the Grizz.


(Nikki Boertman/Commercial Appeal)

Grizzlies vs. Clippers
Tipoff 8 PM (ET)
FedEx Forum

-Casey Black


To trade or…

It’s that time of year, Grizz Nation. The rumors are flying. The blogs are bursting with time-wasting trade machine ideas. At this point, everyone has their opinion, and where would they share that opinion other than Twitter?

I’ve been reading a lot of Zach Randolph rumors, and while I’m pretty sure trading 1/3 of the foundation of our team is not the move we need to make, I’ll entertain the thought (for a moment). Phoenix has definitely contacted the Memphis Front Office, and I’m sure there have been plenty more deals brought forth.

(Soobum Im/US Presswire)

(Soobum Im/US Presswire)

Thank goodness I’m also reading that the Grizzlies have rejected every offer on the table for Zach. Phew.


What do I think we should do?     It’s too obvious; get a satisfactory back-up point guard. We’re hurting without Mike Conley right now, and Nick Calathes is just not used to our grit n grind style. Actually, it seems like he’s not used to American basketball altogether. It would be awesome to find a backup PG who can keep our low turnover count and can spread the floor. Someone needs to go, and someone new needs to come in. So, here are some possibilities.

I hate to speculate, but I’m a blogger. It’s what I do.

I think we could trade Ed Davis, Jon Leuer, or Tayshaun Prince without missing them too much. The Grizzlies could probably get someone very good in return for one of those guys. From there, some possible point guards we can go after:

  • CJ Watson from the Pacers
  • Eric Maynor from the Wizards
  • Devin Harris from the Mavericks
  • Aaron Brooks from the Rockets
  • Beno Udrih from the Knicks

So Grizz Nation, what do you think?