photoHi there!

My name is Casey Black, and I am a born and bred Memphian turned Tennessee Volunteer. I’m studying Journalism and Electronic Media and minoring in Political Science. I’m also fostering a growing obsessions with advertising and social media.

Yes, I am a girl. I love fashion magazines, and honestly, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure. But I was also the girl who rushed home after school to watch Colin Cowherd and Michele Beadle duke it out on Sports Nation. I get more Bleacher Report updates than any guy I know. There’s a St. Louis Cardinals sticker on my car, and I still wear my 2008 Tigers National Championship Game t-shirt to class with a chip on my shoulder. My parents lived all over the country, so I have them to thank for my love of random sports franchises.

Memphis basketball was my first love, and about four years ago the Grizzlies turned into the Grit N’ Grind team they are today; just in time for me to travel to the foreign country they call Knoxville. Only my fellow homesick Grizz fans know the pains that come with watching the highs and lows in a different time zone. That’s the reason Travis and I started this blog. When all you do is think about, talk about, complain about, and gush about something, why not go ahead and write about it too? So, here we are doing just that, and if you’re reading this, you must be along for the ride. Glad to have you.

What’s up?

My name is Travis Nauert. I was born in Memphis (like most of you at Baptist East) and attended Grace St. Luke’s before moving on to MUS for high school. I’ve recently graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Economics and Finance.


I was in the Pyramid for the inaugural game against Detroit, endured through the 0-12 playoff run and post-Pau building years, and would never have been able to tell you 13 years ago that the Grizzlies would be where they are today… not because I thought the city of Memphis wouldn’t support the franchise. I remember seeing some of the most atrocious and blatantly wrong calls by officials its nauseating.  From Tim Duncan’s phantom and 1’s, to modern day Kevin Durant swing throughs, the Grizzlies have never been given a thing, they earn it all.

I played basketball until my ankle ligaments were shredded beyond medical repair. Ok, maybe they could be repaired, but a 6 foot white guy has only so much potential….I hit my ceiling is what I am trying to say.  Regardless, the game remains my first love. Among other sports franchises, however, I align with the Denver Broncos (John Elway, end-o story), and Arsenal FC, that red shirt and Thierry Henry got me hooked.

Casey and I started this experiment not really knowing what we were getting into, but it has brought us both enjoyment and who knows where it will end up.  If you’re reading this, thanks for your time.



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